Written By Wendy Kelly

Homeschool Math Curriculum


Of the homeschool math curriculum options, these are the most common math curriculum packages I know of. Let me know of any others!

  • Singapore Math
    • Based on the math curriculum used in Singapore when Singapore scored at the top on international math competitions.
    • Very little repetition, focus on word problems and using what you've learned in unique ways. Three of my boys use Singapore Math.
    • Inexpensive: textbooks are paperback, and cost around $15.
  • Saxon Math
    • Unique way of integrating what you've learned.
    • Black and white, no pictures : )
    • Great for highly disciplined kids. We have these text books, and I use them. They are too intimidating for my kids.
  • Key To... Series
    • These look like awesome adjuncts to help really understand any math concept.
    • Our family has not used these.
    • Fairly inexpensive, fairly serious-looking.
  • Math U See
    • Concept is that you must be able to understand the math concepts to use them well.
    • Based on a series of entertaining and clear DVDs made by a teacher who obviously loves teaching math.
    • The sample lessons and introduction give an excellent idea of what the program is like.
  • Life of Fred

    • Uses a story and humor to explain math concepts.
    • Engaging and quirky story mixed with word problems.
    • We've used these textbooks and find them well written and conprehensive.
  • Khan Academy
    • Salman Khans videos explaining math concepts from addition to investment banking. (also a range of other subjects)
    • Engaging, clear, and Khan's gentle but clear way of explaining is refreshing.
    • The videos are just the start: after the videos, practice sets (that get incrementally more difficult as you progress) come next. And the whle thing has a great analytics in the background so students and parents (or tutors) can monitor progress. We use Khan Academy.

    Most of the full curriculum options can also be purchased as single subjects. Look around and feel free to cherry pick from several different providers.

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